Finack is developing an IT service to move Corporate IT from resource-intensive legacy systems running in silos to an Infrastructure as Code system with pre-integrated tools that automate security and operation workflows required to meet individual business needs.​

Role : UX Design 

Focus : Visual & User Interaction Design

Duration : July 2018 - Present


Contract startup project with 3 team members (Research, Information Architect, and Interaction Designer). The project focused on developing a minimum of 3 screens for a mobile application defining the user flow for rent payment process. 

Role : Project Manager & Visual Design 

Focus : Project lead & iOS mobile application

Duration : Contract ended November 16th 2018


I worked with 2 team members focusing on synthesizing research findings into patterns and insights to inform design decisions towards a feature redesign. 

Role : Visual Design & Information Architecture  

Focus : High fidelity prototype 

Duration : 2 Week design sprint


This 2 week design sprint focused on a website redesign aiming to identify opportunities for improvement in UI and navigation. Design solutions based on validations from target users and primary persona.  

Role : UX Design 

Focus : Research & Information Architecture

Duration : 10 day design sprint