"Finack is developing an IT service to move Corporate IT from resource-intensive legacy systems running in silos to an Infrastructure as Code system with pre-integrated tools that automate security and operation workflows required to meet individual business needs.​ Unlike other solutions that require manual setup and ongoing training, we implement best practices sourced from a broad technology community to continuously improve automation."

My role

Sr User Experience Designer

User Experience Consultant

I completed the designs by collaborating with front and back end developers, meetings with the stakeholders, and weekly one-on-one’s with the project manager. 

UX Design, Dashboard, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Michael Tsay

For the home page, I created a dashboard where users at a glance can see an overview of their inventory.

UX Design, Onboarding, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Michael Tsay

For the onboarding process, I included prompt windows to get the users familiarized with them as users will continue to utilize them throughout the web application. 

I used a beehive configuration to visually show the servers that user has in their inventory. 

UX Design, Dashboard, Configure, CIS Control 3 Windows 2012 R2, Design System, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Michael Tsay

For the configure page, color icons are used as indications for progress and workflow. 

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